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Experienced Public Servant

As a 23-year veteran of the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office, Marla Farbacher has been working for justice in Central Ohio. As an assistant Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney, Chief Counsel of the Grand Jury Unit, and proud citizen of Madison County, Ohio, Marla has the experience and know-how to enforce the law and keep our community safe. Marla supports law enforcement and believes in the death penalty. She has prosecuted numerous death penalty cases, trying seven. She has one defendant on death row.

Marla Farbacher has been an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for  over 23 years .

"I worked with Marla Farbacher for over 15 years, both in the courtroom and Grand Jury Unit.  She exemplifies the characteristics of an elected official who would perform her duties with integrity and provide justice for all.  I also had the privilege to know Marla’s family, who, like Marla, are of the highest moral fortitude.  Marla’s experience with the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office not only makes her a qualified candidate for Madison County Prosecutor, it makes her the right choice. If I was a Madison County resident, I would vote for Marla Farbacher."


Steve Eppert

Retired-Columbus, Ohio Police

"Marla Farbacher is a human dynamo, working efficiently and intelligently to serve justice in the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.  I was privileged to work with her for several years on a complicated multi-state murder case and trial.  She amazed me with her ability to juggle multiple legal roles within her office during the case.  Despite her heavy responsibilities for the presentation of cases to the grand jury, she was always fair and thoughtful with all law enforcement personnel and those within the office she supervised—both lawyers and staff—who needed her advice and decisions.  Most of all, she was honest and open with everyone while serving the goals of a prosecutor’s office—to do justice.  Her plain-spoken manner continued in the courtroom where she never hesitated to tell the jury and the court the truth, the full truth, even where it may have hurt her case.  Madison County would be fortunate to elect a high-caliber, experienced prosecutor."

Deborah A. Solove, Esq.

Retired Assistant United States Attorney, former partner with Schottenstein, Zox and Dunn, and currently a Criminal Justice Act attorney for defense appellate cases in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Putting  people  above political parties. 

As an Independent candidate, Marla's only focus will be serving the people of Madison County. Our community deserves someone who fights for each victim no matter what. She has been unaffiliated with any political party since 1996.

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Marla is proud member of Madison County through and through. This is where her family has called home for twenty-five years. 

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West Jefferson High School Mock Trial Advisor

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