Experience matters

Before working for the Franklin County Prosecutor, Marla interned at the Governor's Office of Criminal Justice Services, was a mediator for the Columbus City Prosecutor's Office, and interned for the Franklin County Public Defender. Marla was also self-employed as a criminal defense attorney and focused part her practice to help protect victims of crime. She has been an Assistant Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney for twenty-three years. Although she has been unaffiliated with any political party since 1996, she has worked under two Republican Prosecuting Attorneys in Franklin County.

During her career as an Assistant Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney, Marla has handled all varieties of felony cases: 

  • She began her career in the Juvenile Division, representing the State of Ohio in juvenile adjudications (criminal offenses committed by juveniles), and abuse, neglect and dependency matters. 

  • After transferring to the trial staff, she was in the Special Victims Unit, prosecuting offenders for sex offenses of adults and children, interpersonal violence (domestic violence), and physical abuse of children. 

  • Marla also was assigned to the Vehicular Unit, which handled Vehicular Homicides, assaults, and impaired driving (OVI) cases. 

  • As a member of the general trial staff for over 10 years, she prosecuted all varieties of felony offenses, ranging from Theft to Capital Murder. 

Marla tried seven capital cases, with a defendant still on death row. She has successfully prosecuted offenders for violent crimes including murder, rape, armed robbery, and felonious assault.

Marla has supervised the Grand Jury Unit since March of 2011 and was promoted to Chief Counsel in November of 2014.  As Chief Counsel, it is her responsibility to review all felony investigations submitted to the Franklin County Prosecutor's office, determining if there is sufficient evidence for those matters to be presented to the Grand Jury. Her team consists of seven attorneys and six administrative staff.  Under her supervision, the office reviews over 8,000 cases each year.


Since 2011, Marla has personally trained and prepared over fifty attorneys to handle the most complicated criminal cases under Ohio law.

"If you live in Madison County please consider Marla Hollander Farbacher when you vote for Prosecutor.

Don't discount her because of her Independent status. Rather, find out about her years of experience preparing for this role. From the beginning to the end of a case in the criminal justice process she has been involved in her career.

I have observed her work for almost three decades. Her diligence and perseverance to the job, attention to detail, and her ability to discern fact from fiction in a case coupled for the quest for fairness in an outcome make her very qualified to serve your County. She possesses the professional, organizational and leadership skills needed to lead an office as important as the Madison County Prosecutor. Vote for Marla Hollander Farbacher on November 3, 2020."

Craig Wiley

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